Started its journey as career brand in 1984, Executive has expanded into a today's Fashion lead brand. Being part of Delamibrands group, It is now available in 60 free standing stores and more than 100 counters in leading department stores.

Executive was born with a new idea that was inspired by an interaction between brands, communities and collaborations involving people in the fashion world. A journey from year to year which finally becomes a new perspective for us to celebrate, starting from a history, a phenomenon of fashion culture and the achievements that the Executive has made so far.

Executive aims to shift a perspective to be bigger and broader, which we have often heard about with a fashion brand, in the present year and in the future, Executive becomes a brand that touches daily lifestyles.

Without losing the essence of history and trademark, Executive is here to collaborate on this and bring it together with modern aspects of everyday lifestyle. A narrative of the concept that ultimately forms a new journey that will be taken by the Executive, that fashion and lifestyle are things that are closely related and can be run together.

Upholding the concepts of authentication, innovation and masterpiece, Executive brings everyone together to be part of the community. A platform that inspires and inspires various groups of people. Provide a freedom of expression, creativity and appreciation of diversity in expressing their respective lifestyles.